Adoption Fees & Medical Info

Adoption Fees:

  • Cats/Kittens :   Starting at $100
  • Adult Dogs :  Starting at $400 
  • Puppies :   Starting at $450

What do you get for the adoption fee?

  • Spay/neuter - Each animal has already been spayed or neutered.  This is the majority of the adoption fee.
  • Microchip - Each animal has been microchipped.
  • Vaccinations - Each animal has had its 1st and often 2nd set of vaccines.  Puppies and kittens can only have initial vaccines.  All adult dogs have had rabies shots.  A written medical history is included with each adoption.
  • Worming - We routinely worm the cats and dogs (experience has taught us that this is all too common an issue with homeless pets).
  • No Fleas ! - All of our animals have been treated with Advantage.
  • Healthy cats & dogs - We don't put them up for adoption if they're sick.  Upper respiratory infections are the most common, especially in shelter animals.  They get any needed medical treatment, from upper respiratory infections to ringworm, from abcesses to amputations).  Anyone who gets sick goes to back into foster care until they're healthy.