Message From: Jessica Hopen August 6, 2015
We adopted "Reba" (now Belle) four years ago and she is the sunshine of our lives. We are so grateful for what you do and for the joy this amazing little doggie has brought to our home.

Message From: christine kikume October 20, 2014

Message From: La Vonne July 20, 2014
I'v had "Boxer" (now Rocky)now for nearly three months and every day I am thankful that he came into our lives! He is so adorable and we love him very much! Thank you CAR and Vickie

Message From: sue April 11, 2014
I cant thank Vicki enough for our Bella! The "baby" turns 1 tomorrow!

Message From: Tammy Shafer November 12, 2013
I just wanted to thank you again for saving Tucker!! I adopted my little baby boy in 2011 but am SO grateful that California Animal Rescue rescued him so our family could have our sweet Tucker, we wouldnt be complete without him

Message From: The Reese Family September 3, 2012
Thank you for doing this. We love Jema!!!

Message From: D'hana April 15, 2012
I love what you're doing.

Message From: (Private) March 8, 2012
I adopted a pup and i want to thank you all because we are now a lucky family to have her!

Message From: Julie February 9, 2012
I applaud all of you for caring about these beautiful animals.